We work hand in hand with you to ensure the success of your event, be it professional or cultural
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Meeting or Negotiation

Do you host events / organise small or large meetings with clients, service providers and foreign suppliers (on your company premises)? You will / might require simultaneous interpreting or liaison interpreting.

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Official and Formal Visits

Do you wish to organise a welcome visit on behalf of a foreign representative who will take the floor to talk to employees or to the media? You will / might require consecutive interpreting or liaison interpreting

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Cultural Event

Do you wish to organise round-table discussions, workshops or talks with various artists and the public ? You will / might require liaison interpreting or simultaneous interpreting


Why IAGO ?

Find interpreters in your area / region
and proximity

We are conference interpreters from the Western part of France who have decided to pool forces so that we may better promote and defend high-level, good-quality interpreting.

Our offer meets the needs of the most pressing current issues / concerns in our regions such as : sustainable development, reducing the carbon footprint of companies and people and furthering / fostering a local trade dynamic and flourishing economy.

Our group of conference interpreters boasts highly-qualified, fully-trained and ethically-inclined / morally sound individuals

Should you wish to organise an event that will include participants / punters (lol) from foreign countries, IAGO (Interprètes Associés du Grand Ouest) will do all it can to ease communication and help make it a success.

  • such as Russian, Chinese, Breton and many others


Please meet our eight highly experienced founding members. We come from all parts of the Greater West / Western Region of France, an area that runs from Caen to La Rochelle and from Nantes to Brest. We work with a wide-spanning network of partner conference interpreters and are able to offer interpretation in all language combinations.


French / English
MA in Interpreting from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK. BA in Law, Nantes University, France. I specialise in the following fields : • Renewable Energy
• Legal
• Veterinary
• Culture, the Moving Pictures and the Arts

Catherine RYLANCE

French / English / Spanish / German
MA in Philosophy and Literature, Magdalen College, Oxford, UK.
Diploma in Economics, SOAS, UK. MA in Interpreting and Translation, University of Bath, UK. I specialise in the following fields :
Economics, Finance and Business / International Institutions / Politics and Diplomacy / The Arts / Print Media, Television and Radio Broadcasting

Benoit Milin

French / English
Diploma in Conference Interpreting from Université Catholique de l’Ouest, Angers, France.
I specialise in the following fields :
Institutions / Graphic and Web Design / the Food Industry / Marine and Renewable Energies / Road and Railway Networks and Infrastructures / Culture and the Arts / Sports

Mary MacLeod Coat

English / French / Italian
PG Diploma in Interpreting and Translation from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK.
I specialise in the following fields :
The EU / the Environment / Renewable Energy / the Food Industry / Veterinary


French / German / English
Trained as a confence interpreter at ISIT, Paris, France. Member of AFICI
I specialise in the following fields :
Veterinary / the Food Industry / Boating, Sailing and Ship Chandling / Renewable Energy / Television and Radio Broadcasting / Local Councils and Communities

Antoine Vieau

French / English / Spanish
Diploma in Conference Interpreting from ITIRI, Marc Bloch University, Strasburg, France.
I specialise in the following fields :
Legal / Road Networks and Infrastructures / Economics / the Renewable Marine Energy sector / Cultural Events / Local Councils and Communities

Louise Degenhardt

German / French / English
Diploma in Interpreting from FASK Interpreting School, Germersheim, Germany.
I specialise in the following fields :
Food Industy ; Culture and Tourism ; Wine and Victuals ; Automotive Sector ; Nuclear Industry ; Pharmaceutical Industry / Watch-making

Bruno Chanteau

French / English
Diploma in Interpreting and Translation from Université Catholique de l’Ouest – IPLV
Member of AIIC, SFT and AFICI
I specialise in the following fields :
Financial / Insurance / Company Relations and Business / European Works Councils / Plant Science / the Environment / Literature, particularly science-fiction


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