20 July 2020

Your Event

Iago, interprètes associés du Grand ouest

Are you planning a meeting, a conference or a festival ? Is your event to be international, cross-cultural and multi-lingual ?

Nowadays, more and more people are able to communicate with basic English / a small amount of English vocabulary. This may not always be sufficient for in-depth discussions and negotiating. We are there to help you out if this is the case.
We will provide you with advice on the best sort of high-quality interpreting required, the one best suited to your particular needs:

  • As long as you are able to supply us with preparatory documents (the agenda, guest résumés, information regarding the target audience, power-point presentations),
  • we will draft bilingual glossaries and prepare thoroughly for your meeting, based on the information provided.

International Conference

If your speakers, guests and participants do not all speak the same language, you will require the help of interpreters to ease communication and ensure the success of the event or meeting. The most appropriate solution is likely to be simultaneous interpretation :

If your speakers are able to communicate in several languages that is not a problem for us as we are quite used to managing multi-lingual conferences.


Meeting and Negotiation

Being in a position to welcome a colleague, a client or a foreign supplier in the / a manner that is fit, can be a tremendous first step towards enhancing your company’s brand image and easing negotiations. Our purpose as interpreters is as much one of helping with verbal communication as it is assisting with understanding non-verbal cultural differences and idiosyncrasies.

Depending on the number of participants and the place you have chosen to meet / gather, you might require simultaneous interpretation or liaison interpretation.

We are equally able to translate during site visits (plants, building and construction sites…) with the use of mobile hand-held interpreting equipment.


Official and Formal Visits

If your guests are to give a formal speech during a press conference or at a reception, we might  / would most likely suggest consecutive interpretation. All of our interpreters are fully trained for this type of highly demanding interpretation that requires a great deal of unerring precision and impeccable presentation / grooming.

In the same way as is necessary for other interpreting contracts, we will need to know, as far as possible in advance of your event, about the full situation at hand and content of the event, so that we may adapt our interpretation to suit your needs / so that we may choose the best-suited interpretation solution for you.



Cultural Event

Consecutive French / English interpretation carried out by Lucie Lavergne.

If you are organising international gatherings, bringing together artists and the public, we can help by easing communication between people from different countries.

These meetings might involve :

  • round-table, discussions and debates
  • workshop, master classes
  • press conferences
  • talks by artists about their work or a specific work of art

Depending on the layout, set-up and organisation chosen for your event, we will be there to help you choose the best-suited type of interpretation : liaison, whispering or simultaneous.